Family tour packages for India offer a huge variety – one can choose a vacation in the backwaters of Keralathe hills of Himachal Pradesh and Kashmir, the mesmerizing landscapes of Ladakh and Uttarakhand, the beaches of Goa, and the pristine beauty of Sikkim-Darjeeling-Gangtok.

Apart from the domestic destinations, people can also choose to hop on a holiday with their loved ones while booking international vacation packages for family. Explore magical landscapes of Europe, cherish the view of skyscrapers and enjoy the bird’s eye-view from the 148th floor of Burj Khalifa in Dubai, have an amazing experience at the famous Disneyland theme park of Singapore, savour some blissful moments along the splendid beaches of Thailand, or get on an excursion of any other international destination; we are here to serve our customers with a package of their choice, everytime. All they need to convey us their and their family members’ travel requirements, so as to help us come up with a tour itinerary that completely matches with their style of tourism. And, voila! Their tour plan is ready to take them off to their favourite travel destination in no time, and that too, while offering a bevy of travel facilities to make their excursion a hassle-free and memorable affair.

Explore our list of beautifully designed holiday packages which are a perfect blend of cultural experiences, exhilarating activities, natural beauty, and magnificent attractions; and get a chance to snap some of the best moments with loved ones. What’s more? With a plethora of some of the world’s best attractions representing the rich culture of a nation, explorers and history enthusiasts can also choose an international package of their choice, and get on a cultural tour with their family for an enchanting experience. There are plenty of travel destinations in and outside India that introduce people to a distinct culture, and thus help them get a new perspective, which is incredible.

Such family packages are specially crafted keeping in mind the needs of all age groups in the family. These packages include sightseeing and activities of various types, which are suitable for elders as well as children in the family. These packages also include historical, religious, and cultural tours of various cities which help children gain insights into the history and traditions of various cities, thus, helping them learn through traveling. Thus, when every family member has a different interest and they belong to a different age group, opting for a perfect itinerary that caters to the needs of distinct travelers is the best thing.

Similarly, international family tour packages have a wide range of options to explore the beaches of Thailand and Bali, the coral reefs of Australia, the sand dunes of Dubai, and the architectural marvels of Europe. The refreshing landscapes and the myriad tourist attractions across the world call out to the travelers for a fun-filled family holiday. Besides, tourists can explore wildlife sanctuaries, shopping malls, theme parks, water sports,  adventure activities, and museums and monuments. Let’s take a look at what experiences these destinations have in store for their visitors.

International Destinations for Family Holiday: 

  • France:Let’s not confine this spectacular destination to newlyweds or couples only! Brimmed with some of the magnificent world-renowned attractions, rich history, lively culture, luscious cuisines, and shopping avenues, opting for family holiday packages for France can be nothing but a wonderful experience. Besides that, Italy, Spain, Ireland, and other places located in Europe are also quite fun to visit with family members.
  • Hong Kong:Famed for its electrifying environs and grooviness, Hong Kong knows how to keep its every visitor hooked. A perfect blend of traditional values and cosmopolitan lifestyle, here is a lot to cherish.
  • Singapore:Blessed with some of the amazing attractions, such as Universal Studios, Sentosa Island, Gardens by the Bay, and other spectacular attractions, Singapore is one of the best destinations for a family tour. Come here to indulge in its vibrant culture, adventurous places, and list of scrumptious Chinese cuisines that are not served better anywhere else. Tourists can book family trip packages for this enticing travel destination, and have a gala time with their loved ones.
  • Sri Lanka:Though, Sri Lanka is quite small in size, but let’s not judge the book by its cover. For, this tiny spot in the world map bags plenty of attractions that add beautiful memories to one’s life. Choose from our Sri Lanka family tour packages from Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and other cities of India to hop on a memorable vacation that is full of adventure, scenic views, authentic cuisines, natural beauty, palm-fringed beaches, coastal villages, and more.
  • Dubai:Boasting jaw-dropping skyscrapers, glittering skyline, alluring beaches, bewitching deserts, and some spectacular sceneries, Dubai never fails to lure its huge flock of tourists. Dotted with some fun and enticing attractions, here tourists of every age are engaged till the entirety of their trip.

Indian Destinations for Family Holiday: 

  • Manali:Decked with some gorgeous landscapes, Manali is one of the best travels destinations located in Himachal Pradesh that tourists should get included in the itineraries of their family holiday packages in India. Replete with snow-capped mountains and pine forest, this place also has a lot of adventure avenues to let one indulge in thrilling activities. So, irrespective of whether one wants to enjoy nature, adventure, or just a relaxing sojourn, this place is going to cater interests of every kind of traveler.
  • Auli:Fringed with dense forests, snow-clad mountains, and meadows, this hill station located in the Chamoli DIstrict can be a real treat to tourists of any age. Offering some astonishing views, here adventurous members of a family can partake in skiing, trekking, ropeway ride, and other activities, and have a memorable time with each other.
  • Rajasthan:If one is seeking a family vacation in India, Rajasthan might be the first name to pop-up in their mind. Dotted with some glorious palaces, magnificent forts, rich culture, bewitching desert areas, and wildlife, this place serves a bevy of offerings that can be enjoyed with family members.
  • Kashmir:If one is planning to escape the hot environs and bustling city life, then opting for summer vacation packages for family for Kashmir can be one of the best things to surprise their loved ones. Blessed with divine landscapes, this valley has alluring views, lush green mountains, cascading lakes, azure skies, and adventure to serve amongst its visitors. Come here, and do visit Gulmarg, Sonmarg, Srinagar, and Pahalgam for a memorable vacation.
  • Goa:Famed for its palm-fringed beaches, turquoise waters, azure skies, vibrant nightlife, scrumptious seafood, and adventure, Goa is not just a holiday destination for couples. The charm of sea, sun, and sand here knows how to beguile every tourist to extend their sojourn for a longer duration. Moreover, if a family loves to indulge in adventure and enjoy peaceful moments along splendid beaches, then no other destination can be a better option than this place.

The tour packages for family offered by HRM Holidays include some of the most popular tourist destinations across the globe. Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Australia, and Dubai are the best selling family holiday destinations. Among the Indian destinations, family packages for Himachal, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Kashmir, and Goa are very popular.

Irrespective of the country that tourists plan to visit with the best family holiday packages, they can be assured of unlimited fun and beautiful times with their loved ones. In addition, by exploring such a myriad range of destinations, they not only release their stress of everyday lives but also have their bonds strengthened with each other. Spread across various physical features, every destination that vacationers visit with a carefully chosen package, they are introduced to a new magnitude that is unique and admirable in its own way. Just like several destinations of the world, holidaymakers get a golden chance to witness the glamor and splendor of India with family holiday packages in India.

Looking to strengthen your family ties with travel to exotic places in India and abroad? Book our specially crafted tour itineraries for families to have a blast with your loved ones. Go through the detailed listings of family packages and pick the destination package suited best to your interests.

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